Low Cost Vaccine Clinics are a great resource for our community! They allow those of us that have pets to keep them safe and save a little money and this particular clinic is going to help benefit the Warrick County Animal Control.

Owning a pet can get expensive, but there are resources available that can help when it comes to keeping your pets vaccinated - like the upcoming Low Cost Clinic from the Warrick County Animal Control.

Kat and her kitty Boo - Photo: KB Photography

On Saturday, February 16th from 10am-2pm Dr. Schnell at Liberty Veterinary Clinic located at 3355 Liberty Blvd.in Boonville (By Los Bravos) will be offering $15 Rabies vaccines, $15 Vaccinations, $15 Bordetella,  & $15 Microchipping. Proceeds from the sales of microchipping will go towards vaccinations for the animals at Warrick Animal Control.

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