Who knew Woody and Buzz Lightyear were capable of such violence?

In a brilliant and well done mash-up, someone has taken the audio from The Expendables 2 trailer and mixed it with scenes from all three movies of the Toy Story franchise.

While I haven't seen The Expendables 2 yet (I didn't see the first one until it was out on Blu-Ray), I have seen all three Toy Story films. Chalk it up to another change in priorities since becoming a parent I suppose.

Actually, I enjoy all the Toy Story films, and I was probably more excited to see Toy Story 3 a couple years ago in theaters than my kids were. When I see a trailer for a new Disney or Pixar film, I ask my kids if it's one we'll have to see in theaters. Not because I'm looking forward to the quality bonding time with my kids (that's certainly a part of it), but because I genuinely want to see the film myself. Truth be told, I'm counting down the days until Wreck It Ralph.

I would also count down the days to see this if it were a real film. Although one could make the argument by the looks of him these days that Sylvester Stallone is made up of more plastic than Mr. Potato Head.