What I like about animated Disney movies these days is that while they're geared towards children, they throw in just enough humor and references for adults that keep us entertained. By the looks of the trailer for their upcoming movie, Wreck-It Ralph, it appears they have another winner on their hands that everyone can enjoy.

The premise is one I'm surprised hasn't been done yet. The story revolves around the title character "Ralph", a video game bad guy who for 30 years has had one job and one job only, destroy everything Incredible Hulk-style in a game called "Fix-It Felix Jr."

But as it turns out, Ralph has grown tired of being the bad guy. So during a group therapy session with other video game baddies, he decides it's time for a career change.

Starring John C. Riley (Step Brothers and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby) as Ralph and Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) as Fix-it Felix, the movie also stars Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch. The film also features cameos from some of video games classic characters such as Q*Bert, Mario's arch-nemesis, Bowser, and a ghost from Pac-Man which should make gamers like myself happy.

Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters November 2. Get your popcorn ready.