2012 is wrapping up quickly, and another year of music is about to be in the books.  Music is really among my biggest passions.  It isn’t uncommon to see media outlets release what they consider to be their countdown of their biggest songs of the year.  But what they aren’t aware of is that their lists are actually WRONG!!  I have compiled my own list of the top 10 songs to get released as singles in the year 2012!


This list is NOT the most played songs on KISS-FM this year…  It actually looks nothing similar to our most played songs list.  This is my own personal list of the greatest songs of 2012.  The ONLY criteria for this list is that KISS-FM played it, and we STARTED playing it in 2012.


Yesterday I revealed numbers 10-6 (available HERE).  And now, here is the remainder of my top ten songs of 2012!


#5 Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard, Play Hard:

Wiz ‘Works Hard’ and ‘Plays Hard’ in what I consider to be his best track from 2012.  I loved this song from the very first time I heard it.

#4 Miguel - Adorn:

Every generation has their definitive love-making anthem.  My parents had “Let’s Get it on,” which I assume I was conceived to.  Those getting down in the early 90s were surely getting down to “Freak Me” from Silk…  Sadly, I was a little young.  But I think today’s first choice for the lovers should definitely be this Grammy-nominated record from Miguel.

#3 Jay-Z & Kanye West - Paris:

Even though I have been listening to this song since Jay and Kanye ‘Dropped the Throne’ in the summer of 2012, I was thrilled when this edgy, eclectic rap hit found a spot on KISS-FM’s playlist, despite the abbreviated title.  The song features a really fresh sound that’s tough to compare to anything before or after.  Many people didn’t know what to make of “Paris” the first few times they heard it, but not me…  I knew exactly how I felt.  Most people that didn’t know how to take “Paris” wound up turning the corner on it eventually…  They clearly just weren’t ballin’ hard enough.

#2 Cher Lloyd feat. Becky G - Oath:

I don’t care how much hate I get for this one, this is one of my two favorite songs from 2012.  Sure, it’s probably intended for girls half my age, but the song relates to us guys, too!  It reminds me of me and my besties growing up, doing all of the things normal teenage girls do.  It may as well be autobiographical lol j/k J <333 xoxo

#1 Rihanna feat. Chris Brown – Birthday Cake:

The fact that these two were simply on a record together in 2012 was completely controversial.  Add on top of it that the content of the song is overtly sexual with thinkly-veiled X-rated innuendo, given the history of the two, was absolutely shocking!  But what I love most about the song…  Is that the collaboration was GOOD!!  From Rihanna’s nearly flawless Talk That Talk album, the best song from 2012 in my opinion, is “Birthday Cake.”