2012 is wrapping up quickly, and another year of music is about to be in the books.  Music is really among my biggest passions.  It isn’t uncommon to see media outlets release what they consider to be their countdown of their biggest songs of the year.

But what they aren’t aware of is that their lists are actually WRONG!!  I have compiled my own list of the top 10 songs to get released as singles in the year 2012!

This list is NOT the most played songs on KISS-FM this year…  It actually looks nothing similar to our most played songs list.  This is my own personal list of the greatest songs of 2012.  The ONLY criteria for this list is that KISS-FM played it, and we STARTED playing it in 2012.

I will break this list in half, and give you the second half tomorrow.  So here are #10-6 of my favorite songs of 2012!

#10 Trey Songz feat T.I. – 2 Reasons:

Trey Songz has a formula that works for him and he doesn’t plan on changing it any time soon.  Sing about chicks about booze.  2 Reasons is no different…  In fact (spoiler alert), those ARE the eponymous “2 Reasons.”

#9 Tyga – Rack City:

I’m not going to lie, when I think about this song, I really only thing about the kid whose grandmother was dancing like a groupie chick in the background.  Enjoy the song and that video for “Rack City.”

#8 Sean Kingston feat. T.I. – Back 2 Life (Live it Up):

I LOVE what they did with the Soul II Soul “Back to Life” sample in this song.  I think it floated under the radar in 2012, more than it should have.

#7 Conor Maynard – Vegas Girl:

I’m pretty sure I’m not who he’s talking to when this song comes on, but every time it does I can’t help but shake it like a Vegas girl…  Every time!

#6 Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen:

While her first single “Lights” will certainly be remembered as the bigger song of 2012, her second one spoke to me much differently.  “Lights” wasn’t a bad tune, but “Anything Could Happen” is so much better to me.  As usual, I have no idea what she’s talking about, but the way the beat, melody, and vocals come together really leads to me to believe I’m listening to one of the greatest pop records of the year every time I hear it.

Stay tuned!  Tomorrow I will give you the remaining 5 songs from my list!