When you're in your Twenties, there seems to be a lot of pressure to meet the perfect guy, get married and immediately start spawning children, because Heaven forbid that you be the last single person within your social circle. There is always that select few where everything seems to fall perfectly into place. But for the rest of us, this is how dating really goes.

It all starts when someone catches your eye.

If your'e lucky, you've caught their eye too.

So you try your best to play it cool.

Just so you can make it to the awkward first kiss.

Naturally, you immediately think you're in love.

Maybe come on a little too strong...

Then comes the breakup that you don't handle so well...

...and you become slightly bitter.

So you try your hand at revenge.

But that fails, and you just don't get what you're doing wrong.

and of course, another one of your friends gets engaged on Facebook...

But that's okay, because you've accepted reality.

That is until someone new catches your attention... once again.

And the vicious cycle starts again.


Source: Giphy