What’s the Stupidest Reason You’ve Broken Up With Someone?
This morning, Kat, Chandelle, and I were talking about a list from Reddit regarding some of the most unbelievable reasons couples have broken up.  You can listen to the audio from the show in the player below, but we'd also love to pose the question to you...  What is the dumbest reas…
First Date Don’ts [ROBCAST]
IT'S SATURDAY!!  106.1 KISS-FM has the best way to kick off your weekend!  Today and every Saturday from 8a-noon, we rebroadcast some of the best (and WORST) segments from the history of The Rob's Radio Show!  We've got some great segments in store for you today, includ…
Ed Sheeran Turns Down Offer From Tinder [VIDEO]
Ladies, if you want a date with Ed Sheeran, you're going to have to hope for a meeting through the old fashioned way of face-to-face contact, as the singer-songwriter has revealed he turned down an offer from Tinder to become the first verified celebrity participant.

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