This weekend I celebrated my 24th birthday (again) but I almost lost one of my kids to a rib tip! My junior was chowing down on some of my famous BBQ ribs when apparently he literally bit off more than he could chew, let alone try to swallow!

My wife happened to be in the kitchen where the kids where eating when she noticed my son choking! Being the super-mom she is, she immediately jumped into action at started performing the Hiemlich maneuver. After a couple of forceful thrusts, the piece of rib meat came flying out of his mouth.

I was in my den with my buddies and I didn't ever hear my wife yelling help! I just happened to look towards the kitchen a saw my wife saving my son's life! If you don't know the Heimlich manuever, here's a step by step instructional video that can hopefully empower you to save a chocking victim. I hope you never have to use it on anyone, but at least you'll be ready!