- by Gretchin Irons, Best Day Ever

Yes! That was it! "Here I was having The Best day Ever, every day in Evansville..." I started trying to learn how to build a website, specifically with an easily read calendar. I talked to a few people about my idea for a web-based show centered around Evansville (I mean, we all know that I'm far too ridiculous for TV). Lo and behold, one night at that very lounge (The Bokeh Lounge), I met someone who agreed to help get the show started.

It took me four months to create the website (I'm always broke, and not tech Savvy. At all). It took 17 episodes for me to find my voice as a Director. It was six long months of grueling work before the Crew got their first paycheck. Yes, we did this for free... for that long. And sometimes still do.

There are three of us now, all with the same passion for Evansville. We don't mind sharing our Love with you, in fact we adore Evansville and want everyone to do so.