- by Gretchin Irons, Best Day Ever

Right down the alley from that fateful spot sits a little lounge. Local Art hangs on the wall, and when I found it, Dirty Jazz was spilling out of the open door. This place looked, smelled, and tasted like Evansville. The crowd was eclectic: Lawyers, Realtors, Artists, Hipsters, and the occasional homeless person. They were all friendly, eager to answer questions from a Stray Girl; willing to help in my Quest for Knowledge. But again, the same refrain, "There's nothing happening in Evansville." WHAT?! You are AT a Happening, and I could tell you of at least ten more things happening as we speak!

    An idea began to develop. I HAD to change this perception, and I had to overcome this attitude of ennui. Here I was having The Best Day Ever, every day in Evansville, how could I spread my love around and infect others?