7 Thoughts Before, During, and After a DVD Workout
I've been into fitness all my life, but when I graduated from high school and decided not to swim in college, I had to find another way to stay in shape.  I highly recommend workout DVDs from Beachbody such as Insanity and T25 just to name a couple.  I've completed both a couple …
What Really Goes on in the Mind of a Beginner at the Gym
As you may have heard, for the past month I have been dieting and working out everyday. So far, I have been pretty positive about it all because I have made a lot of progress and I already notice a huge change. But truth be told, sometimes it isn’t easy staying positive...
If You Have Two Minutes, You Have Time for a Great Workout
We have all seen those annoying late night commercials advertising ridiculous fitness products catering to a fat and lazy population looking to get into shape with minimal effort.
Well, turns out there might actually be something to all this minimal effort business.
Rihanna Has Unusual Workout Gear
Rihanna is having a great time on vacation, as evidenced by her sexy tweeted pics, but it’s not all play. The singer is still sticking to her workout regimen while in Hawaii, even if it means doing it in her bikini.