university of southern indiana

5 Awesome Tips To Be Super Cool in College
It's the first day of college for many teens in the area and they're probably already drunk off of Mike's Hard Sizzurp. If you're an awkward Freshman, stricken by the fear of not being cool, don't worry, let someone who regularly plays Dungeons & Dragons help you out…
USI Seeking Public Input on New Mascot Design
After unveiling their new logo last week, the powers-that-be at the University of Southern Indiana decided their prized mascot, Archibald Eagle could use a makeover as well, and are looking for your help to decide between two new possibilities.
Body Found in Car at USI – Adrien Mowery
Earlier today, a body was found in a vehicle parked on the USI campus behind the Science Center. A USI student happened to notice that the individual inside the truck was unconscious so the student tapped on the glass of the vehicle and did not receive a response so he called authorities...

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