Don’t Just Go Get a Pet Because You See it In a Movie!
With the new movie Finding Dory on its way to theaters, I noticed a Facebook ad for Finding Dory aquarium merchandise at PetSmart. I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that just because you see a cute animal in a movie does not mean that breed or type of animal is a good fit for you and …
Negativity-Free Post
I'm tired of seeing posts about the Confederate Flag, racial comments, and overall poor acts from human beings.  So here are some puppies to add some positivity to your day!!!!  Warning, might be too adorable to handle.
The Rob Takes the Viral Mother/Child Quiz [VIDEO]
Surely you've seen the insanely-viral "Mother/Child Quiz" going around Facebook over the past several days.  (If it has an official name, I'm not aware of it.)  It's where mothers are supposed to ask their children a list of questions and are supposed to wr…

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