Does Your Dog Have a Favorite Song? The Rob’s Does [VIDEO]
Recently, my girlfriend and I were doing a little spring cleaning.  We've noticed our beautiful little miracle; our perfect angel of love from god, Leila, seems to really enjoy Iggy Azalea's music.  This isn't too surprising, as her mother and father (Brittany and I) also and like Iggy.  Nevertheles…
Eight Times The Rob’s Dog Looked Like ALF
Under normal circumstances, I don't think my beautiful dog Leila looks like ALF, the Alien Life Form puppet from the 80s TV show of the same name.  Leila is a perfect, snow-white, medium-sized Maltese.  ALF is a portly, turd-brown, banana-nosed puppet.  However, when my girlfriend and I were researc…
What Were the Most Popular Puppy Names of 2014?
While "Awww" might be the perfect name for a puppy since that's the first word many people make when seeing one, it has yet to catch on. In fact, it seems like pet owners aren't changing at all when it comes to picking a name for their puppies.

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