It seems the Terminator franchise wasn't as much of a series of films as it was a prophecy of things to come.

About a year ago, while you and I slept, took our kids to ball games, and ran errands, engineering students in the Artificial Intelligence Lab at Stanford University (alma mater of Indianapolis Colts' QB, Andrew Luck) were creating the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it by creating a robot that can attack and defend itself using motion-sensing technology. The same motion-sensing technology I use in my home to sword fight computer generated foes on Wii Sports Resort.

Using what I'm sure is a series of complex mathematics and other dorky, yet incredibly cool methods that my mind will never be able to fathom, the students pre-programmed the "JediBot" with a series of attacks it cycles through when dueling with a human foe.

Now here's the scary part, by connecting the 'bot to a X-Box Kinect camera, it's able to tell which direction its attackers sword is coming from and defend itself accordingly. It all seems like fun and games now, just wait until they figure out a way to put sunglasses on it and utter the phrase, "I'll be back."