See the KISS Staff Attempt to Escape Locked! Evansville [VIDEO]
Locked! Evansville is a new escape room attraction on the city's east side putting players problem solving skills to the test by giving them one hour to decode a series of clues, each getting them one step closer to solving the mystery and escaping the room. The crew at Locked! were gracio…
Picking Powerball Numbers By Shooting Ryan O’Bryan with Nerf Guns [VIDEO]
As of this writing, the Powerball jackpot has jumped to a ridiculous 1.5 billion dollars! So we bought another ticket and are qualifying 106 people over the course of the day Tuesday and Wednesday to split whatever winnings (if any) we get. But first we had to pick the numbers for our tickets.
Annual Girls in Bloom Event Scheduled for Saturday
The annual Girls in Bloom event is open to 5th through 8th grade girls, and seeks to raise self esteem through creative expression, raise awareness to diversity, social and cultural issues and increase community involvement through a variety of workshops.
Meet Townsquare Media’s Best New Intern… Ever
My name is Ally Tismekles and I am the new intern. Businesses everywhere romance the thought of having interns. We work for free and, rumored from some friends of mine,  get the short end of the stick when it comes to what type of work we are assigned...
Attention Brides: Yes, Grooms have an Opinion about your Wedding!
By: Carey M. Meredith, Wedding Planner
Carey'd Away Weddings
Oh the season of all things beautiful, filled with the spirit of love and Christmas cheer has ended, the glittered ball has dropped and your true love left a small sparkling memory forever etched in your mind and on that little left rin…