I always talk about "Don't Shop. Adopt!" and this parody of Thrift Shop is a perfect example of why that expression is so important! My animal loving friends are going to love this!

Barklemore was adopted to a new home "from that shelter down the road", and couldn't be more excited!

I'm gonna rock some tags, I'm so happy I got adopted
I, I, I'm sniffin', all around my new home. This is ruffing awesome

Now, walk up in the room like what up? I got a huge bone.
Nah, I'm just pumped I got adopted to a new home.
Tags on my neck be so ruff flossy,
Hounds are like "Dang, that's a cool half shar-pei."

If you are looking to add a shelter pet to your family, please check out the great local animal rescue organizations here in the Tristate! Remember Don't Shop! Adopt!