We hear a lot in the media about Pitbulls. I have always been a supporter of the breed, but they usually get negative press. Lilly, the Pitbull who saved her owner from death, is helping to change that.

Lilly is an 8 year old Pitbull who was rescued 3 years ago by a man who hoped the dog would be able to help his mother overcome her depression and alcohol dependency. Little did he know at the time that that pitbull would one day be the reason that he would get to celebrate another Mother's Day with his mom.

Lilly's owner past out while on a walk with the dog. When the woman fell, she landed on a train track, in the path of an on-coming frieght train. Unconcious, and unable to get up on her own, the woman was pulled to safety by 8 year old Lilly. Lilly sustained major injuries in the rescue resulting in amputation of one of her front legs, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

Watch the video, and please remember that there is no such thing as a bad breed of dog. Dogs are a product of their surroundings and upbringing. Lilly is a true hero and a true ambassador for pitbulls everywhere.