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Braun Strowman Breaks Steel Cage With the Big Show [Post 2 Post]
Last night's main event on WWE Monday Night RAW left audience members with their jaws dropped.  While my expectations for the Labor Day episode were low, WWE put on a pretty solid show!  Jerry and I will review, praise, and criticize in today's episode of "Post…
Comic Database
Are you a comic lover? Are there old comics you've wanted to read but they are so expensive and rare that you may never get the chance? Well guess what, there is a website where you can read any comic you can think of. It is called readcomiconline...
The Best Lil Wayne Songs of All Time
In case you missed it, my favorite rapper of all time was hospitalized yet again over the weekend. Weezy has battled with epilepsy since he was a child, but his condition has seemed to worsen over the last couple years.

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