This was a great weekend to go see a movie so that exactly what I decided to do! The wife and I went to check out Wrath of the Titans 3D at Showplace East and it was well worth the price of admission (and two sets of 3D glasses)!

I love it when a movie is made in REAL 3D from start to finish. You can REALLY tell the difference! The visual effects in Wrath of the Titans are spectacular! We were ducking from falling rocks, dodging fireballs and lava, and trying not to get run through by the giant Cyclops!

The final battle scene against the titan Chronos was one of the best I've seen! Even better than Transformers to me. It was like watching a real life version of one of my favorite video games on Playstation 3 call God of War.

Check out the preview and then go see the whole thing, in 3D...don't be cheap!