If you haven't decided on a costume for halloween yet, here are a few suggestions for you! If u are in one of these costumes and I see you, I'll take a picture and post it on our website!

1. Zombie -  Doesn't take much to assemble. Use some old clothes and some make up, maybe some ketchup for blood

2. Michael Jackson - You'll need a little more prep work for this. This has always been one of my favorites if u can pull it off

3. Dominatrix - (not for the kids PLEASE!) Believe it or not this was suggested by my wife! This one always attracts attention! It can also be passed off as Catwoman if you have some pointy ears and a whip handy.

4. Madea - This one is for the fellas. You have to be at least 6 feet tall to pull it off correctly. Don't forget the oversided glasses and the grey wig.

5. Snookie - You have to be under 5 feet tall to get the full effect. This can be for man or a woman. (cause I have a hard time telling the difference on that show!)

These are some of the costumes I'd like to see this year! If I see u in one of these, I'll post it on our website! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!