This past week,  I got the chance to sit down with Eric Stone, a Henderson, KY, music artist who is finally back home after a long hiatus away from home. After watching his new video "Come on Back" I wondered what inspired the lyrics of the song and the emotion behind the video. Turns out, Eric has a passion for speaking to people about the real issues they face and turns those experiences into song. Eric is now working with the infamous Fly Gang Entertainment.

Fly Gang told us,

Growing up was a roller coaster ride with lows and highs, not having his biological father by his side kept him very secluded to society and rage inside with his demons to be recited by his lyrical content in his music. Creating feeling of what transpires through life amongst everyday people has been a wisdom Eric Stone has poetically connected with fans from tribulations of their life and way of living.


At 16-years-old he began recording with Hendossasins, who have worked with Grammy Award Winning Producer Eric "Hot Sauce"Hunter, who has produced for Mario Winans, 112, T.I.,Destiny's Child, Rascal Flats, Cheap Trick, Frankie J, Usher, Gorilla Black, & Johnson Carter, amongst many other artist who have been successful in the music entertainment business.


The versatility that has been set through the music of Eric Stone has touched the worldwide web and launched a global campaign of a new wave of trend setting hip hop with soul and classic drop. He is set to drop his new album Napoleon Complex in early 2014.

 I have become a terrific songwriter. Working with such a group of professionals I have learned what it takes to write a great song. I have learned a great deal about the business, and now have a better grasp on the inter workings of entertainment.- Eric Stone

Eric Stone is focusing on his passion and doing what he does best, recording music for his family, friends and fans. We were even happy to find out that he's recording a song that his grandmother would be proud to play in her church.

Check out our exclusive interview with this up-and-coming artist below - if you are a fan, vote for Eric in our KISS IT OR DISS IT new music face off.