Last night was round #2 of my Pole Fitness Class at Exotica Superstore on Washington Avenue, just west of Green River Road.

I am having so much fun with my fitness classes at Exotica! We start with some yoga to get warmed up & stretch our muscles. It's all guided by my instructor, Brandie. Once we wrap up the yoga, it's time to move to the pole. I've been learning transitions and spins. Last night I tried to actually climb the pole. You know, that was a whole lot easier when I was a kid on the playground! LOL

The Pole Fitness Classes really are a lot of fun! I'm burning a ton of calories while I'm building lean muscle. That's great news for me, since I don't want to get bulky. And since I hate the traditional gym, this works out great! I can bring the music that I want to listen to, and Brandi walks me through everything step by step.

And talk about a workout! My arms & legs felt like jello when I left Exotica last night! I'm not horribly sore today, but I can DEFINITELY tell that I got a GREAT work out!