The Humane Society of Henderson County Kentucky is trying to identify the man who abandoned an animal at the shelter after hours on July 12th, and they need your help.

Let me start by saying that it is illegal to drop an animal off at the shelter after they are closed. There are many reasons for this. The first being that there is no food, water, or shelter for animals left this way. There are also large wildlife (coyotes, etc...) in the area that roam at night. Once the shelter closes for the night, there is no one there until they open the next day. The man in the photos below dropped a small dog off at the shelter at 6:40pm. That means the dog was alone without basic needs until 8am the following morning.

Before you say, "But Kat, what if the guy didn't know?" There is a large sign that makes it very very clear that it is illegal to leave an animal in this way. See?



Our friends at the Humane Society of Henderson County need our help! They can only prosecute violators if they know who they are. Please take a look at the photos. If you have any information, please contact Jason King at, or Mike Burkes at You can also reach them both at the shelter 270-826-8966.