They are certainly "Wild Ones" that don't give off a very "Good Feeling" (that's pun humor right there folks!).

To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of his old high school, Miami-Carol City, Flo Rida contacted design company, Futuristic Woo, and asked them to come up with a whole new uniform for his beloved Carol City Chiefs. Here are what the old uniforms look like:


Pretty typical for a football uniform; three colors, with the school mascot displayed on the side of the helmet. What the Chiefs will wear next year are anything but typical. Check these out:


I'll be honest, the black/grey uniform isn't that terrible in my opinion. The orange one in the middle however gives me a headache. But maybe that's the idea, take the field with uniforms so atrocious they cause opponents eyes to cross and a migraine headache to set in.

Truth be told, I think the concept of the helmet is kind of cool too. They are the Chiefs after all so it's only fitting their helmet look like a traditional Native American head dress. My question is, how long will it take before some Native American coalition protests the chieftain face splashed across the players crotch?