#2 - Weed Can Make You Sick

Let me start by clarifying that I when I say sick, I don't mean it can give you a headache or a belly ache. I mean it can make you literally ill which I find ironic as most of the debate around the benefits of little ganja centers around its medicinal properties.

Studies show that chemicals in marijuana cause the body to kick its production of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC's) into overdrive. Like the United Nations of the human body, the job of these cells are to keep the rest of the immune system in check. They make sure that just enough force is used to fight off infection, but not too much. An increased amount of MDSC's basically causes them to abuse their power so to speak and suppress the immune system to the point where it can't effectively fight off infections. Kind of like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

It's also known that too many of these cells, regardless of whether or not someone is a marijuana user, can keep the immune system from effectively fighting cancer cells leading to increases in tumor size. Which brings me to my final point...