Yesterday afternoon during day one of our St. Jude Radiothon, Katie Witsoe of Evansville and her children Conner, Matthew, Anna, and Ian stopped by the studio to share their story of how St. Jude helped them through a dark time when their son/brother Sean was a patient there.

Katie and her husband Craig had already made the commitment to be Partners in Hope a few years before Sean became a patient in 2008. Unfortunately, Sean lost his battle with cancer on April 3rd, 2010, but listen as Katie explains the hope St. Jude provided to her and her family and why the continue to be a Partner in Hope with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Join Katie and Craig along with the other tri-state residents who have made the commitment to become a Partner in Hope with 106-1 KISS-FM and Kenny Kent Chevy by calling 1-800-779-5121 or making your donation online.