Hip Hop almost lost another legend! This past weekend, Erick Sermon, the producer/rapper from the pioneer rap duo EPMD (along with Parrish Smith) suffered a heart attack.

According to a report Sunday from GlobalGrind, Sermon will be undergoing tests over the next two days and hopes to be home by Wednesday. His direct quote is "I'm Good." The initial news of his heart attack prompted a flurry of well wishes from supporters and his musical colleages, including Russell Simmons, Chef Raekwon and Questlove.

Erick Sermon, aka The Green Eyed Bandit was one of my favorite producers in hip-hop when I was growing up. His unique style of beat-making combined with his lisp-riddle rhymes, made for some very entertaining songs. During a brief time in the late 90's, Erick and Parrish stopped Making Dollars (get it, EPMD) together and formed to separate rhyme camps, but eventually reunited, putting many EPMD fans at ease. We wish "E" a speedy recovery!