Remember those dorky kids in school? While you went on to have what I'll assume is a good life working a decent job and having a family, they went on to create things like this that make the world a better place.

If you think the summer humidity is bad here in Evansville, try living in Lima, Peru for a day. Set on a desert, the city suffers through 98% humidity while only receiving roughly half an inch of rainfall per year, leaving them with very little clean drinking water.

Seeing a clear problem for their community, engineers at the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru sought to find a solution. Obviously there was moisture in the air, hence the crazy level of humidity, meaning there essentially was "water" in the air, but how could they put that moisture to good use?

Their solution; build a contraption that harnesses the airs natural humidity and transforms it into clean drinking water by running the billions of tiny water molecules constantly floating in the air through a filtration system before storing it an tank within the billboard's post. Now whenever people need fresh water, they bring their containers to the base of the sign, turn on the faucet, and BOOM, fresh, clean water.