BULLIE Nation Rescue is hosting an event this Friday night, and you could be there with a local celebrity date. All you have to do is place the highest bid.

Photo: Eric Isselée

Friday night beginning at 9pm, BULLIE Nation Rescue is hosting Night Out for the Hounds at Brick House Bar & Grill. 100% of the door proceeds and 100% of the tips received by the performers will be donated to BULLIE Nation to cover the cost of vet care and day-to-day expenses of caring for the animals. There will be an opportunity for you to have a date with a local celebrity at the event as well. Bidding is currently underway online for a date with KISS-FM's own Kat Mykals & Melissa Awesome, along with 14 WFIE's Dan Katz and members of the Demolition City Roller Derby, among others. The bidding will end tomorrow, March 17th at noon. Payments will need to be made March 20th by noon or the date will go to the next highest bidder.