We found a topic on Reddit yesterday morning that got us talking on the air. The question was, “what is a smell most people find offensive, but you secretly love?” We got some great feedback on our Facebook page and from callers. Here are some examples of smells our listeners secretly love: And here are some of our odor “guilty pleasures”:


I love the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer. I'm not really sure if that would be considered a smell that most people would hate, but I don't see it becoming a candle scent anytime soon, so I think it's still considered weird. I also love the smell of fire. There is nothing like the smell of a bonfire!


I have a very sensitive sense of smell, so there are smells that I find offensive that may not bother others, but a couple of odors that others may find weird, I actually enjoy. They both involve the drag strip! I love the smell of racing fuel exhaust. It is very different from the smell of regular exhaust like from the cars going down the Lloyd. It has a distinct sweetness to it. The other favorite strange smell is burnt rubber from the burnouts at the race track. It is amazing! If I had to break it down by individual tire brand (because they all smell different) I would have to say that BF Goodrich are my favorites - they smell like grapes!!!


I definitely am guilty of liking the smell of gasoline. I like the smell of a match dying, but not cigarette smoke. One caller called in and said that she “did not hate” the smell of a skunk… And while Kat and Chandelle thought that was crazy, I actually understood and kind of agree with her. I love the smell of permanent marker, and of wet paint. Additionally, I am a man, and I love the smell of my own farts.