There are those who use Twitter to look for sympathy by moaning and complaining about life, those who use it to share inspirational quotes in hopes that you too will be inspired (regardless of whether or not you're looking to be), and those who use it to unintentionally show how stupid they are. Then there are those who use it right.

Like so many other things, I got to the Twitter party a little late. The station has had an account for sometime, so I had some familiarity with it, but the whole hashtag thing confused me at first coupled with the incessant updating of our home screen with new tweets, because we follow so many people in hopes they'll return the favor, aggravated me to no end.

Then after some tinkering and education, I finally started to get the hang of this whole Twitter thing. It also helped that my Facebook essentially pushed me to Twitter as my news feed started to become nothing more than people spewing their political venom, religious views (which are sometimes one in the same), and just being general a-holes. So nearly one year ago, I created my Twitter account and wowed the world (and my two followers at the time) with this stellar tweet:


Since then I've managed to find 120 people to follow. Most are celebrities and sports or entertainment news outlets, some are people who follow me (I'm up to a whopping 51 now), and one is my mom who created an account back in June and has tweeted four times since then. The last being on February 24th when she weighed in on the Today Show's discussion about how Seth MacFarlane did hosting the Oscars (she loved it, by the way).

Of those 120, there are 10 that I think really have this whole tweeting thing down to fine art. If you aren't doing it already, make a point to give these people a follow (click each Twitter handle to go to their page):