And away we go: Zayn Malik's solo career is officially taking off.

The former One Direction star has provided his first post-1D interview to The FADER (which will premiere in full at 6 PM ET tonight), as well as a teaser video featuring a new solo song called "Befour."

According to FADER, Malik will talk "candidly about life as a Muslim pop star, the public scrutiny about his relationships, and the role of family in his rapidly changing life," as well as "his last morning in the band, exactly why he quit, and what he’s got in mind for his forthcoming solo debut."

During the deeply dramatic teaser, biker boy Malik reveals that his own #RealMusic is influenced by "a lot of Bollywood," as well as his dad’s old records. "Like...‘90s stuff." Alright!

The publication further reports that Zayn's been working with James Ho (Frank Ocean's Channel Orange). "For five—not even for five years, for ten years, this album has been in my brain, and it’s just been there, sat with me, needing to be out," he told FADER.

More to come...

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