Illinois has some strict (and sometimes weird laws), but I have to say that these food laws they have in place are right on point.

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The Food and Drug Administration has some strict laws on what is illegal to serve in the country, and then states have their own laws to consider. A list of the food and snacks illegal to have in America is pretty lengthy, but Illinois has gone even further to ban snack food from schools to keep kids safe.

Banned in Some Illinois Schools

When you think of junk food there are some that are really good and some extremely spicy it could land you in a hospital. So, taking all of that into consideration some Illinois schools have banned Flamin' Hot Cheetos from either selling or children bringing into the school. Since 2012 this particular snack has not only been banned in schools in Illinois, but also in California and New Mexico because of how hot they are but the school districts say there is a lack of nutritional value, and, well they are really messy.

Top 5 Foods Banned in Illinois and The Nation

  • Shark Fins - It's illegal to hunt any type of shark and banned in 13 states (including Illinois)
  • Haggis - banned back in 1971 because of how it is made (you don't want to know)
  • Japanese Pufferfish - banned for its toxins and can be deadly
  • Black Pudding - Illegal for the ingredients but popular in the U.K.
  • Casu marzu - NOPE! This is the worst and another reason I HATE CHEESE

Now these banned foods can be a little tricky for the FDA. According to Stacker,

In some cases, the Food and Drug Administration is responsible for keeping treats from crossing the border, but sometimes, food violates state laws or the court of public opinion.

Some foods are banned due to throw animals are treated and fed before, well you know. Some are banned for the ingredients it takes to make it. For example, raw milk is banned in America, but that is what is used to make some cheese like Epoisses or Brie. You can get some foods in some states where they could be banned in others. For instance, it's illegal to eat Redfish which is banned in every state except Mississippi.

I really had no idea that there were close to 30 illegal/banned/forbidden foods you can't have in America. However, people seem to find a way to have these delicacies one way or another.

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