The ongoing coronavirus crisis continues to force businesses around the nation to close their doors.  Overnight, the Facebook page We Love Nashville shared video of the scene on lower Broadway.  If you've ever walked along that street in downtown Nashville, you know it's always jammed pack with country music fans and musicians with dreams of making it big.  Thousands of tourists, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of servers, bartenders and musicians.  It's one the most energetic and thrilling stretches of real estate in the entire country.  But, not at the time being.  This was Nashville last night . . .

Restaurants and tourist bars in Nashville agreed last week, some reluctantly, to close down after a request from the Mayor's office.

Of course, Nashville was also the host site for the SEC Basketball Tournament, which was to be played at Bridgestone Arena, which also resides on lower Broadway downtown.  That tournament was one of the first casualties in the city due to the coronavirus crisis.  The closures continue.

And there are new developments this morning.  Earlier today, Nashville Mayor John Cooper issued a 14-day "Safer at Home" Order.  It goes into effect at midnight tonight and affects all "non-essential" business and employees.

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