Molly didn’t believe someone her age could get lung cancer. After smoking for only 10 years, at the age of 30. Molly was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Molly started smoking as a young teenage with friends. Her aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins all smoked as well. Smoking was a familiar environment for Molly.

“My friends and I would hide and smoke, we thought it was cool and exciting.” When molly received the dreaded diagnosis, she was scared and concerned about her children. As a single mom, Molly struggled with telling her children about he disease.

“It felt like a bomb was dropped on me. My first thought was about what I would tell my children. I didn’t want them to grow up without me.”

Molly found the answer she needed in the book called “when Mama Wore a Hat” . Her children asked her why she read them the book, and this when she told them, “Because Mommy has cancer.”

"My cancer treatment was very painful and I was sick all the time. It emotionally broke me down. I got homesick and really missed my family. I did a lot of praying. Without God, I probably would not have made it.”

The day Molly learned she was in remission she immediately shared the news with her kids and family;.

My kids said, “oh Mommy, does this mean you’re going to live?” I said, “Yes. I will start really living again!”

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