Yeti announced earlier this month a voluntary recall for their well known and well loved 20 ounce Rambler Travel Mugs with the Stronghold lids.

There is no doubt that the Yeti travel mugs seem to do a superior job at keeping our coffee hot on the drive to work or our iced tea cold on a hot day of mowing the lawn. We have a few of them ourselves at home and they really do just seem to do a better job of maintaining the temperature of our on the go beverages than most anything else. That said, Yeti has announced a voluntary recall of one of their more popular products. The Rambler 20 ounce travel mug with the Stronghold Lids.

Yeti said in a statement on social media that the "MagSlider™ and mug contents can be expelled if the mug is filled with hot liquid, sealed with the lid, and agitated or inverted, which can pose an injury hazard." They did go no to say that there have been no injuries reported at this time but they do encourage consumers to stop using the travel mug & lid combo immediately. 

So what do you do if you have a 20 ounce Yeti Rambler travel mug with the Stronghold lid after you stop using it? You should return the Stronghold lid to Yeti for a full refund. According to the Yeti official website, the affected products include:

SKUs Impacted:

Black: 21070060046, Seafoam: 21070060048, Navy: 21070060047, Graphite: 21070070066, Copper: 21070070064,

Northwoods Green: 21070060050, Ice Pink: 21070060052

Date Codes Impacted:

• Black: 34204010, 35204010, 37204010, 38204010, 39204010, 40204010

• Seafoam: 34204010, 36204010, 37204010, 38204010, 39204010

• Navy: 34204010, 36204010, 38204010, 39204010

• Graphite: 35204010, 36204010, 37204010, 38204010, 39204010

• Copper: 35204010, 36204010, 37204010, 38204010, 39204010

• Northwoods Green: 34204010, 35204010, 36204010, 37204010, 38204010, 39204010

• Ice Pink: 34204010, 35204010, 36204010, 37204010, 38204010, 39204010

If your product is impacted, you can file a claim at the link on the Yeti page at which point they will send you a shipping envelope to send back the Stronghold lid. Yeti says you do not have to send back the entire product (mug) but rather just the lid, for a full refund.


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