It's a good week to be a Taylor Gang fan. Just a few days after dropping his remix of Childish Gambino's "Redbone," "Stay Stoned," Wiz Khalifa returns with a video for "Pull Up With a Zip," a flip of SahBabii's "Pull Up Wit Ah Stick."

The new visual finds Wiz cooling out in his low rider as he smokes in a parking lot. Naturally, there's a baddie dancing around his car as the song plays, and she eventually steps into the whip to chill Taylor Gang style.

Neither Wiz nor his lady friend appear to really go anywhere in the video, and when you look as cool as they do, it's easy to see why. Looks like they're having a pretty good time, too.

Interestingly enough, this remix actually finds the seemingly carefree Taylor Gang boss getting a few things off his chest—specifically, the prospect of people taking advantage of his kindness.

“Honesty I had a long day/When you’re too nice some niggas will come at you the wrong way/I can feel my patience going away/That’s why I’m good weed blowing/The only nigga with 2 billion views/Though hardly get noticed slash dopest, nigga, when he got his Kush jar open/Probably in the hot tub with my girls soaking watching VH1 tripping or Adult Swim,” he spits on the track.

Check out Wiz's new visual for "Pull Up With a Zip" below.

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