The first snowfall of the year has already brought more snow than the Tri-State has seen in several years, covering nearly every road in the Tri-State and making driving increasingly difficult as the day goes on. In an effort to minimize the amount of slide-offs and accidents that could happen as a result of the winter storm, the Indiana Emergency Management Agency has placed all Southern Indiana counties in our listening area under a Travel Watch.

According to the Agency, a Watch means "that conditions are threatening to the safety of the public...only essential travel, such as to and from work or in emergency situations, is recommended, and emergency action plans should be implemented by businesses, schools, government agencies, and other organizations."


Road crews around the area have been working tirelessly since last night to try and clear roads, however as more snow continues to fall and gusty winds blowing what snow has already fallen back onto the roads, keeping them clear has been extremely difficult.

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As I made my way home down the Lloyd earlier this afternoon, it was difficult to judge what lane I was in as snow had covered the lines. There was a couple of times I found myself half on the shoulder of the highway without knowing it until I spotted the white line peeking through the few places where the wind and other traffic on the road had uncovered it.

With snow expected to continue into Monday evening before giving us a break (more winter precipitation is expected Wednesday night into Thursday), any chance of roads improving likely won't happen until sometime until Tuesday morning or later.

If you don't have to travel for any reason, don't. But, if you work 2nd or 3rd shift and are expected to be at work in-person, leave much earlier than you normally would to give yourself plenty of time to get there.

With that said, many businesses in the area have announced they are closing early, or not opening at all due to the weather and subsequent road conditions. You can find the list of closings and delays here.

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