Each year Willard library hosts their annual Grey Lady Ghost Tours. Unfortunately this year, for everyone's safety they decided to cancel the ghost tours and save them for next year.  However if you're missing that little extra dose of spooky to your October, Willard has come to the rescue with a virtual ghost tour!

It's honestly one of my favorite events of the year, I love going to the Grey Lady Ghost Tours. They always host them when it's dark out so it adds a creepy factor, plus Willard Library is such a cool building.  If you've never been, they take you on a tour of the library while telling you a little about the history of Willard Library, and of course how the infamous Grey Lady came to be.  If you've never had the chance to go, I highly recommend checking out a Grey Lady Ghost tour next October, it's definitely worth it!

In the mean time you can enjoy a free virtual tour that Willard Library created below. You can also hunt for the Grey Lady yourself, by keeping an eye on Willard Library's Ghost Cams, which they have running 24/7.  Who knows, maybe you'll catch a virtual peek of the Grey Lady!


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