Ever since I was a kid, I've always had an interest in the paranormal.  Ghost stories and ghost hunts have always been fascinating to me.  I think it is really cool that we have our own infamous ghost right here in Evansville, Willard Library's Grey Lady!

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You can hunt for the Grey Lady yourself from the comfort of your own home. Did you know Willard Library has GhostCams? They're online and you can stream them anytime 24/7 and try to catch a glimpse of the Grey Lady! They just recently revamped and updated the cameras too so they're top-notch quality!

Here's what Willard Library said on Facebook about the Ghostcams:

Our Ghostcams just got an upgrade and we are ready to see your best attempts at capturing the Grey Lady Ghost roaming our library! Check out our improved cameras and buy some Grey Lady merch >> https://www.willardghost.com/

When I was a kid, my cousin Chris and I would spend hours watching the Willard Library GhostCams. We were constantly refreshing the page, with hopes of catching a glimpse of the elusive Grey Lady.  The GhostCams have gotten a serious upgrade since our dial-up days of ghost hunting though!

So who is the Grey Lady?  I've done a full in-depth article on her before (you should check that out, here)! The quick version is she is a lady said to dress in all Victorian-style clothes who haunts Indiana's oldest public library.  They say she is most notorious for causing a little bit of mischief around the library.  She likes to knock books off the shelves, or pull chairs out from under tables.  It's also said many have claimed to smell her perfume, they say it smells of lilac or lavender.

If you want to hunt for the Grey Lady yourself, you can check out the Willard Library GhostCams online!

Check Out the New Willard Library Ghost Cams

Willard Library has brought back their infamous Grey Lady ghost cams, and now the hunt to catch her on camera is officially on! 

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