Apparently someone didn't think about the potential ramifications of his actions.

My wife and kids are not fans of spiders. Although, they don't seem to mind Spiderman, weird. Anyway, whenever an eight-legged friend finds it's way into the O'Bryan house, it's my job to dispose of it. This usually involves a shoe or rolled up newspaper, followed by quick ride down the toilet bowl surf to ensure it won't come back.

Some people apparently prefer to send a message to the entire spider community by making an example of the one who has invaded their home. This guy for example, who after finding a good size arachnid on his bathroom wall decides that a shoe or magazine (both of which are laying on his floor) just won't get the job done. Luckily, he finds something that won't only kill the intruder, but employ a local handyman to fix the damage. Way to do your part for the economy, dude!