If you have ever heard the Arby's commercials and thought, 'I recognize that voice,' I found the answer. The voice in the ads is so deep and expressive, it sounds a lot like James Earl Jones, but it's NOT! It's......
For five years, the voice that made you stop and ask, "WHO is that?", is none other than accomplished and well known Golden Globe winning actor, Ving Rhames.

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Ving Rhames has appeared in over 75 movies. His career includes appearances in Pulp Fiction, Mission Impossible, Rosewood, Undisputed, Casualties of War, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and many more. Perhaps his most famous Hollywood moment came at the 1998 Golden Globe Awards. Take a look...

Vin Rhames isn't the only actor lending his voice to Arby's. If you are a fan of Fox's animated series, Bob's Burgers, or maybe the FX animated series, Archer, you know the voice of the other spokesperson.

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H. Jon Benjamin is the voice of both of the lead characters. Hey plays Bob, the frustrated and loving husband, father and diner chef; and Archer, the self centered, sex obsessed, mamas boy, secret agent.

I tried to find an Archer clip that didn't have any bad language and I couldn't. Got to keep things family friendly. Anyway, in 2018 Benjamin became the voice AND face of Arby's variety of meats, for sandwiches, commercials.

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