One of the most-talked about and biggest surprise hits of this season has been FOX's completely unique "The Masked Singer."  Asking the question, "Can you recognize your favorite celebrities by the sound of their voice?" FOX found themselves 12 celebrities and puts them in ridiculous costumes, has them sing, reveals some clues, and then finally they face elimination, which includes unmasking if eliminated.

They've found some other celebrities to help crack the cases, too.  Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger weigh in with their commentary, but sometimes they wind up being a bit more of a speed bump than helpful, in my opinion.  I appreciate the contributions of Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg.  I find Nicole Scherzinger to just be "there," not really adding or taking away from the broadcast.  Sadly, I think "Dr." Ken Jeong is a bit annoying.  I think he tries too hard to be funny and his humor often misses with me.  There's almost always a fifth celebrity guest judge, and where even a four-person panel seems a bit excessive, five is definitely unnecessary.


There's been nine eliminations so far, and I'd say I've successfully guessed six...  That's a 67% hit ratio!  I've gotten Tommy Chong, Margaret Cho, Tori Spelling, Ricki Lake, and La Toya Jackson all correct.  If you're wondering why that's only five, it's because my wife doesn't think I deserve credit for Rumor Willis.  I ACCIDENTALLY said that I thought it was her sister Tallulah Willis because we had JUST watched TWO episodes "Catfish" where Tallulah was the guest host, but I did mean to say Rumor.


Nevertheless, the show's finale is coming up next week, and I've got some thoughts on who is under the outlandish costumes of the Peacock, the Bee, and the Monster:


THE PEACOCK: Peacock is my choice to win, and I KNOW who's under that mask!  Despite all of the rumor boards saying it's Donnie Osmond, I've been steadfast that it is, in fact, Neil Patrick Harris.  And I've been committed to this for at least a couple weeks prior to his name ever being mentioned on the show.  The giveaway for me is the allusions that keep being made to magic, and while they haven't seemed to connect the dots at the judges' table yet, I know from an interview done on "The Howard Stern Show" that NPH trained extensively to be a magician.  Plus, just watching that Peacock strut his stuff, I can't imagine anybody else under there.


THE MONSTER: I think I have kind of a hot-take regarding who is wearing the Monster suit.  Up until a week or two ago, all I could think was "it's a rapper."  I've zeroed in on it though.  Unless something happens during the finals on Wednesday to change my mind, I think the Monster is actually T-Pain.


THE BEE: I think the Bee will wind up as the runner up to the Peacock.  I wish I could be as specific with the Bee as I was with the Monster.  I'm still at the point where I'm only thinking, "it's an old Motown star."  So many of the names being discussed make sense to me; Patti LaBelle, Anita Baker, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, etc...  The only name that jumps out at me as a kind of logical fresh take is Diana Ross.  Aside from "Miss Ross," Patti LaBelle makes the most sense to me.



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