I'm always having those high-level, intellectual conversation on with my online gaming friends, and the most recent question posed was, "Which would you choose - $1M NOW or $4K/wk for life?

After thinking about for a couple of seconds I decided to go with the $1Million up front. And believe it or not, most of my online friends, at least 6 the 8 that were in the chat room, choose the $4000/wk. The main reason was that they wouldn't have to work ever again and would have a steady stream of money for life.

A sound argument, if you think nothing would ever happened to you between now and age 80! I would choose the $1Million up front. That way if anything were to happen to me, I could pass that money to my family. If you choose the $4000/wk, the money stops when you do. And I guess that's OK if you're single and have on else to pass the money to, but if you're a taking care of a family, even after taxes, that $500,000 can do a lot more.

Which would you choose? Leave your answers in the comment box below

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