This weekend, I was on a mission to find a pair of skinny jeans that didn't make me look like a hippo stuffed into a garbage bag or an overfilled sausage. I am a classic pear shape and size 10/12 - meaning I carry all my weight in my hips and butt. I also have thick legs. This makes finding a suitable pair of skinny jeans almost impossible. I dragged my one-year-old into several stores at Eastland Mall and when she was at her "about to go bananas" stage, I forced myself into a pair of jeggings that were three sizes above my normal size - with the same disappointing outcome. I decided to give it up and stick with boot cut for the rest of my life.

Then, my 17-year-old step-daughter suggested we try American Eagle Outfitters. Reluctantly, I carried my little one across the mall hoping she didn't have a Category 5 meltdown. We went in the store and the employees were happy to help me find what I needed. I took my size and two sizes up - I have played this game before. I went to the dressing room and started with the biggest size. To my shock and surprise, they were too big! The next size down looked better but were still a little too loose on me. Like Goldilocks, I found a pair that fit me JUUUUST RIGHT - in MY SIZE! And, if that wasn't shocking enough, they were long! Since I have a 36" inseam, I have succumbed to the fact that most of my jeans are pedal pushers but these hit me at the right spot. Plus, they didn't have a dreaded "long crotch" or the butt crack pucker.

My final surprise came when I got up to the register and the jeans were 40% off! Hooray!

Anyway, it was a successful shopping trip - and if you are a curvy girl, have long legs or both, check out this pair of skinny jeans/jeggings from American Eagle Outfitters. I was certainly happy with them!

Do you have a weird shape like me? What's your favorite place to get a pair of jeans in the tri-state?

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