I've interviewed a lot of people--country stars, actors, politicians--and I can honestly tell you that chatting with William Shatner is in my top three. Easily.

It happened in 2019 because the TV icon had recorded a country album and wanted to talk about it. It was also ahead of his appearance in Evansville at a showing of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, after which he took questions from the audience. A bit of star struck awe might have crept into the interview--I mean, come on, we're talking about the one and only CAPTAIN KIRK--but here it is, nonetheless:

At that time, Shatner was actually a fellow Kentuckian; he was living in Versailles KY with this then-wife Elizabeth Martin. Actually, the interview--on January 28th, 2019--happened just DAYS before the couple separated. They subsequently divorced, with Martin keeping their Kentucky home. Shatner moved back to Los Angeles. But he's always been a fan of Kentucky AND horses. He competed in the Kentucky State Fair World Championship Horse Show 30 years ago, and won.

Well now, Shatner is back in Kentucky and--you guessed it--it's because of horses. The 92-year-old legend is saddling up for the 89th annual Rock Creek Horse Show, a five-day event that began Tuesday and will wrap up Saturday, June 10th. And yes, I did notice that William Shatner is three years older than the event.

This man is a force of nature. He is already the oldest human to ever go into space, and how he just hops up on racing harnesses, right and left. Check out this performance from the 2013 Kentucky State Fair:

The Rock Creek Horse Show is being held at the Rock Creek Riding Club, near Seneca Park, at 3114 Rock Creek Drive. Thursday admission is free. Friday and Saturday admission is $10.

[SOURCE: Louisville Courier-Journal]

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