Did you hear the crazy explosion sounds in Newburgh last night? Eyewitness News reported this morning that the explosion sounds were fireworks set off by Castle graduates but because the sounds were also heard miles away, the fireworks might not have been the source of the sounds.

Last night, we were watching our DVRed America's Got Talent and heard what we thought was my husband's 15-year-old daughter moving furniture upstairs. We thought, 'Why would she be moving furniture at 9 o'clock on a Monday night?' We chalked it up to the weird workings of a 15-year-old's brain and kept watching Howard Stern comfort a 9-year-old rapper with a broken heart.

It was only when she came downstairs and asked why WE were moving furniture did we go outside to 'investigate.' All the neighbors came outside, so we turned on the police scanner app and heard it was Castle grads setting off fireworks." - Ashley Sollars, Newburgh Resident

So, Tri-State, what were the noises? Fireworks, thunder, alien landing? You tell us...

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