Spoiler alert...it's NOT the Ford F-150, which is the most popular selling car in the majority of the states across the country, in fact, Illinois is one of the very few states where a Truck was not the top-selling vehicle of 2021, so what was it then...?

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According to data on the website autoweek.com, the number one selling new vehicle in the Land of Lincoln in 2021 was the Hyundai Tucson, with 2.5% share of new car sales in the state. The Ford F-150 is the number one selling vehicle again in the US in 2021 and was number one in a whopping 20 of the 50 states including Iowa, and for our listeners in Missouri, the number one selling new vehicle there in 2021 was the Chevy Silverado 1500.

What is really cool about the list of best-selling cars in each state from last year is that you can see trucks dominate across the US, in fact, Illinois was the only state that had the Hyundai Tucson as the number one selling vehicle and one of only 16 states that didn't have trucks as the number one selling new vehicles from last year.

Now the list also includes the top-selling Used vehicles in each state from last year and that's where the Ford F-150 shines in Illinois, but that isn't all the Ford F-150 is also the top-selling used vehicle last year in Iowa and Missouri, so yes in Iowa it seems like all that they are doing is buying new Ford F-150's and selling used F-150's. Check out the list for yourself by clicking here!

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