There will never be another drop of Ale 8 One that will enter my body. I cannot stand it, and I am well aware that I don't have a lot of company. And that's GREAT. Ale 8 One is manufactured in Kentucky, provides jobs for a lot of people, and brings money into the Commonwealth. More power to them. I'm happy to report they don't need my help.

Many Popular Products Are Manufactured in Kentucky

Now, bourbon is a completely different story. I am a connoisseur, but because it's brown liquor, I cannot partake. It makes my gout flare up. Maybe that's a little too much information, but I wanted to throw in a counterpoint to the first paragraph and describe something made in Kentucky that I do enjoy...even if I can't have any.

Airheads, duct tape, Snuggle Fabric Softener, Fruit of the Loom underwear, and Jif Peanut Butter are some more Kentucky-made products that have my full support. Listen, if it's made here, I'm giving it a thumbs up for the reasons mentioned above. I think it is VERY cool that all that stuff--and some I didn't mention--is manufactured practically in our own backyards.

But THIS Is the Coolest Product Made in Kentucky

However, as cool as that is, NONE of those items is the COOLEST thing made in Kentucky. And you probably wouldn't have to spend too much time guessing what that particular thing is. But I'll give you a just drove right past my window.

I mean, come on. Corvettes might be the coolest thing in MULTIPLE categories, but they rule the roost in the Bluegrass State. And then wasn't some arbitrary conclusion, according to LEX18-Lexington:

Following a five-day voting window, during which more than 20,000 votes were cast for the 72 eligible companies, the result for “The Coolest Thing Made in Kentucky” was revealed on Friday morning at the Capitol. It’s the Chevrolet Corvette.

If you're wondering about previous champs, don't bother. This is the first contest of its kind, and, well, in my humble opinion, I don't why the Corvette wouldn't win this every single year...unless, of course, Fruit of the Loom trots out some mind-blowing skivvies between now and next April.

The Corvette's Popularity Is a Testament to Kentuckians' Hard Work

As was pointed out during the presentation at the state capital, the Corvette and these results are a testament to the hard work that's put into to making quality products in Kentucky for the rest of the world. And not just Corvettes, although they likely have the highest profile of any of the rest of the Commonwealth's manufactured goods.

Corvette lovers flock to Bowling Green throughout every year to feast their eyes on the contemporary and vintage beauties on display at the National Corvette Museum, one of Kentucky's top attractions.

A tip of the hat to the good folks who work their butts off year in and year out creating one of the greatest sports cars in the history of the world.

Very cool indeed.

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